Industrial automation Maintenance and Repair Services

The importance of an effective maintenance program is something that cannot be overlooked as it plays such an important role in the effectiveness of lean manufacturing.

Electro Dynamics can offer you a service that will provide factory enhancements, extend equipment life and improve performance and compatibility. We are able to provide comprehensive repair services for over 200,000 items, from 7,000+ manufacturers. This provides you with a single source solutions for all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical, and servo product repairs.

Industrial Automation Engineering

Our automated control solutions will automate your industrial processes quickly and accurately.

The job of automating an industrial process or piece of equipment could take another company many days, months, or more.

As a result of implementing high-tech industrial automation solutions, we are able to set up monitoring and control solutions at large factories, industrial facilities, and power plants with remotely controlled systems and PLC-based systems in a shorter time than other companies can offer.


Our industrial solutions keep your factory working.

Moreover, we will help your manufacturing equipment working longer, so technical problems definitely won’t have a negative impact on production schedules and operating costs.

Our qualified staff are experts in automation controls. Our automation products are designed, developed, and implemented by expert engineers, who are truly qualified to handle and control your electronics, equipment, and software according to the highest standards.

Now you have a single-source solution for all of your electrical, electronic, mechanical, and servo product repairs. We provide you with comprehensive repair services for over 200,000 items from more than 7,000 manufacturers.

A quality result starts with:

  • One-year warranty on complete unit
  • Automated testing
  • Emergency repair and support with our 24x7 support capability
  • Environmental responsibility that complies with worldwide environmental standards